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Work in Progress: Open Shirt and Low Pants

Ok well as it turns out the open shirt will only work with low-cut pants. They seem to work ok with my men’s briefs in the nightwear section but I wanted to add them to everyday as well. I decided to edit the tracksuit pants in the athletic section to be lower cut and have designs on them to match the shirts.

One day I will learn to mesh and will fix them properly. *shakes a fist*

EDIT: Argh looks like it’s not gonna work either way.

Stupid mesh.

So I have to edit the frigging mesh in order for the tracksuit pants to work by themselves I think.

The open shirts work with my briefs and the tracksuit pants, but I don’t want to make tracksuit pants that won’t work with the nude top mesh.

Works ok with the briefs


Lol I downloaded Blender and I clicked on Import Sims 3 blahedy blah then I browsed to the directory where the files are and I have NO idea how to actually open them. *facepalm*

9 comments to Work in Progress: Open Shirt and Low Pants

  • Eliza

    I’ve noticed other people’s work does that on occasion. :/ .. The trick is finding a skin that works with the messed up transparency, so you can’t tell. Aikea’s works well generally. Peggy’s skins never do, and the Asian skin varies. You’ll just have to warn people that it works best with ‘insert skin here’ .. which shouldn’t be too much of an issue now that non-defaults are an option anyway.

  • Molly

    (laugh) You crack me up, LF! Just wanted to share that – and that I love your stuff, ‘specially your simmies, who do NOT all look alike, IMHO. ;) I enjoy your blog, too, and the occasional rants and raves about your forays into the world of modding. I am helpless at modding, myself, though I do occasionally dip my toe in – which usually leads to me falling in, splashing around helplessly, and finally crawling out and wandering off like a drowned rat. (lol)

    In fist-shaking solidarity,


  • It’s a shame isn’t it, Eliza. I really like Peggy’s skins for females so blast it *shakes a fist*. Maybe one day I can edit another shirt mesh to be open and the nipples won’t melt.

  • Oh thanks Molly, I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. That’s exactly how I feel with my modding on occasion! Hence all the fist-shaking and ranting :D I feel so amateur compared to the brains out there who can mesh and make hair and all that. I originally got milkshape to make some hair. Yep that was me. “I think I’ll go grab milkshape and, like, totally make some new hair, yunno?” five seconds later and I had a demented non-swinging cylindrical mess in milkshape and I had no idea how I even made it. *shakes a fist*

  • Eliza

    I mix and match my skins. =P .. I’ve never actually edited any of them, but I loved one set of bodies, and another set of faces, so I stuck them together. Then I liked something else for children, and I’ve played with a lot of face defaults… but I always end up using the same basic set, which still doesn’t suit every one of my sims. @.@ … Asians look terrible with the hairy skin, white guys look strange with the asian skin, females don’t change as much with skins as guys do, but there’s still some differences….

    So it’s wonderful that non-defaults work now. xD

    (and I really need to stop posting these tldrs.)

  • Hahah no don’t stop, it gives me something to read!
    I love mix n matching too, thing is everytime I think of changing my default skin I figure I shouldn’t because if someone has more than one of my sims and then I go making another with a different skin it might annoy them haha.
    Thank goodness for the non defaults. :D

  • Alanmcdiddy

    Haha the one with the briefs reminds me of the failblod video where the girl slips on the hardwood floor… this one:

  • Alanmcdiddy

    I meant “failblog”, sorry. :)

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