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Pocket, why won't you go away?

So what I did was I added a plain bumpmap file to the mesh section, renamed the mesh and hit commit.

Is that all I’m supposed to do to get rid of the bumps on clothing? I must be doing something wrong because his pocket remains.

The Pocket that Wouldn't Leave

See that pocket? It’s trying to hide but I can see the bastard.

*shakes her fist*

Edit: Ok i’m reading up on it on MTS hopefully I can get rid of the pesky thing tomorrow.

5 comments to Pocket, why won’t you go away?

  • Jen

    D: I hope you can get rid of it, that shirt looks awesome so far <3

    Is there any way to fix it so the waistband doesn't look tucked underneath the stomach? I have a shirt similar to this that I got from MTS that has a muscular chest built into the mesh, and that was the only thing about it that bugged me.

  • I only just noticed the waistband thing a moment ago! Haha. I think I need to edit the mesh to fix that and I have no idea how to plus my milkshape trial has run out. :(

    I have pretty much finished the shirts and removed the bumpmap. I guess I will upload them and make a note that they can only be used with low-riding pants. The undies I made seem to work fine, but yeah all the shorts and higher pants don’t. Boo.

  • Jen

    Arggh curse you EA for making the shorts so high-waisted!

    My Milkshape ran out too, I mostly used it just to mess around and pretend like I knew what the hell I was doing :) If you could figure out how to make a sleeveless version of the shirt, that’d be freaking awesome for hydrophobic Sims at the beach, or like a redneck or something lol

  • Hahah my milkshape was sitting there for so long. I did one tutorial about making joints and that was it. I had this cylinder, attached to another cylinder that didn’t even swing properly cos I effed something up. Then I left the program in a hissy and it expired. HAHA redneck shirt would be awesome. I’ll see if I can edit the non-transparent mesh and the pants mesh first without stabbing myself with a fork.

  • maninkka

    I <3 you you're fkn brilliant. NO! I'm not hitting on you ;P I only just noticed this is the longest I supposedly ever stayed on one single website. freaking me out a little :D so don't mind if you do too hrhrhr. most of your entries are a little old, i.e. posted in this years january or so.. are you still on? /ooc end I think I saw these shirts earlier somewhere so apparently you fixed it. (just so I say something in the right place, you know :)

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