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His nipples fell down.

Seriously, what’s up with this? Is it something to do with the mesh?

I'm melting! MELTING!

Can it be fixed?

9 comments to His nipples fell down.

  • theRealDeal

    I laughed when I saw the title, lol. I hope it can be fixed! :)

  • Eliza

    I have no useful advice. But that looks hilarious. xD … funnier than chocoman.

  • Lol. I might post it on MTS and see if it can be fixed, I really wanna make it see through. In the meantime I’m gonna make a non see-through version with some patterns on it. :)

  • tjstreak

    I have had a similar problem with some female shirts. I think it has something to do with how the skin lies on the mesh. We normally don’t see it, because the skin is covered by the texture. But once the texture is c-thru or removed altogether, we can see that the underlying skin does not work to well.

    I have tried redoing part of the mesh, but the Sims Workshop will not reimport my revised mesh. I don’t know why.

    If you figure out how to fix it, please post the answer.

  • HP over on mts mentioned it may be a dodgy UV map for the mesh. But fixing that would require some kind of meshing skills – something that I am lacking haha.
    When I had a look at the tshirt with the bodyspec underneath, you can see that the shirt is short and the middle of the shirt does lie over the nipples. So I’m guessing the long-shirt mesh stretches the texture and that’s why the nipples end up where they do?
    Have you tried using CTU to import the new mesh?

    I wish I could figure it out. I mean I can make the button seams opaque so you can’t see the nipples but you still get that dark banding where the pecs are when using custom skins. It annoys me :/

    Let me know if you figure it out too! :)
    Oh here is the thread if you want to check it out. Base has replied in there too.

  • Arkodonie

    Yes! Just like this shirt, female gender though and we can’t have those nipples falling down, at least not for the YAF and AF, it would probably work for the elderly though…..

  • Hehe yeah that would look REALLY weird. I’m gonna try and fix the meshes again today, wish me luck. Still not sure about the uv map on the transparent ones though. :(

  • Okay, having a bad day and decided to surf around my favorite Sims sits on lunch break to see what folks were up to and ended up reading through your blog – I have not laughed so hard in a long time – not only do I love your work, I love your titles to your Blog entries and assorted comments. Thanks for the smile.

  • Haha thanks GLaChaille. Sorry to hear you were having a bad day, though!

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