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Playing around with Skininator

I was just fooling around with Skininator seeing if I could figure out how to do stuff other than just edit the colour ramp. Anyway I made a few mistakes…

What a mess.

It’s funny when you find a sim on TSR that looks similar to one of your own so you check it out and think, “nah, they must just be similar”, then you realise they have identical clothing. Why would you download someone’s sim, edit it a bit, then re-upload it and not bother to change the clothes? *facepalm*

5 comments to Playing around with Skininator

  • Lynne

    People can be so sneaky. You should name and shame them. They should be exposed so that people can see what type of people they are dealing with.

    They obviously cannot create like you and have to use your creations to gain points with the sim community, Glad you caught the person out. Did you let them know that you know?

  • Nah I didn’t. It’s not like I could prove anything anyway really. It just made me chuckle, I mean why would you bother? Why not just make the sim yourself? I mean there’s always the chance that they did make the sim themselves and just happened to choose the exact same clothes I did. A very slim chance but a chance none the less haha. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter, though. :) Some people are strange like that I guess.

    A while back I did once enquire about a sim that looked almost identical to one of mine on tsr, I just wanted to know what the deal is when it’s a celebrity, I figured there is always a chance celeb sims will look quite similar even though different people made them. A mod replied and asked which sims I was referring to and said she would check it out. She got back to me later and said that the mods had played with the two sims and they were too similar to be coincidence. The other sim ended up disappearing afterward.

    I wasn’t actually too fussed, but I did find it interesting since the creator was an FA on there.
    I remember at the time thinking, “shit, I hope they DID copy” haha. But I figure if a handful of people checked and agreed then I wasn’t just going crazy when I was seeing the similarities. Plus I don’t think they would rule against a FA unless they were sure.

    I don’t post my stuff up there anymore so it’s not an issue. I just go by every now and then to see if anyone is having issues with my sims that are on there from a while back.


  • Lynne

    Yes I suppose it is quite difficult to prove. Glad TSR was with you on the previous one though. I am playing with your Paris at the moment and must still install Kim and Charlie. I am enjoying your sims so much that I don’t create any myself anymore LOL. Must really get back to doing that as with all the sliders, eyebags and noseshaper thingy’s our sims are looking better and better, NO MORE PUDDINGS!

    Love the biggest comment by the way. I love talking so your comment was like having a good old conversation LOL.

  • Oh that’s awesome. I’m glad you are enjoying playing with them. If they ever end up having babies you’ll have to show me what they look like hehe. I wanna know if they end up pretty or just weird because of the mods I used.

    The sliders and mods are so great aren’t they? Some brilliant minds out there creating things for us. God bless em :D

    Hahah yeah that was probably the biggest comment I will ever write…. for a month or so. ;)

  • Lynne

    Will let you know if they have babies, just have to make some hunky men for them. I am also wondering about babies as I’ve read on a few sites that the babies end up weird.

    I would hate that as I don’t like weird and I cannot seem to kill them in game, I end up feeling so guilty lol.

    Yes the mods that the creators are making are really great. I’m so grateful to have such talented people in our community as sims wouldn’t be the same without them (and that’s including you).

    Off to bed now. See ya.

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