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Tiana'lianne Sevanne

This is just a quickie sim I made to test whether the pedestal fan would cool my pc enough whilst in cas. It worked so that’s fab. The result is Tiana’lianne Sevanne. The name comes from a character I used to play in d&d, iirc she was an elven arcane archer. I just made up the name. She was a kickass character. CmarNYC’s pointed ear sliders would work great on her imo.

You will need some sliders and mods in order for Tiana’lianne to look the same as she appears in the photos. Not all are necessary so it’s up to you which ones you download.

I have my Cas Sliders set to 3x
NOTE: AwesomeMod is needed mainly to increase the max amount of sliders allowed in the game. If you don’t plan on touching Tianalianne’s sliders in cas then you can use another Max Slider Increase hack instead of awesomemod. Sz3 has a couple and I believe Jonha has one at MTS as well. You can find a link to the right with info on them.

Bella3lek4’s Facial Sliders

Eye sliders, Jawline Width, Brow Sliders, Neck Height, Shoulder Height – I think that’s all I used but it’s easier if you just install them all

Delphy’s Boob Sliders (optional)

Jonha’s Body Sliders (optional)
Pretty sure I used Head Size, Butt, Hip, Waist, Shoulder Width

Now that that is out of the way, here she is:


Download: 4shared mediafire
Inside the rar file you will find Tiana’lianne’s .sim file. Put it into your SavedSims directory, which can be found in your Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3
When you load up CAS you will find her in the Pre-made Sims menu under Young Adult.

(Content has been included/stripped depending on the creators terms of use – see below for more info)
Eyebrow (or this one) and Eyeliner by Subaxi
Candy Crush Eyeshadow by me
Contacts by Rose (page 4 of the sims 3 makeup section)
Lipstick by Lemon (It’s the one in the second photo)
Nose Shaper by Man-V-

EverydayFormal Hair by XM Sims (FloraHair008)
SleepAthletic Hair by XM Sims (FloraHair009)
Swim Hair is by Raonjena

Everyday & Formal Dresses are by Lemon Leaf
Sleep Outfit by MCalero
Lace-up Bodysuit by me
Athletic Top by RUSTYNAil (thanks eliza!)

As usual I am using Skins by Peggy – Links at the right.

22 comments to Tiana’lianne Sevanne

  • Eliza

    The corset is by RustyNail I think. And I like how she turned out.

    And while this is trivial, there is a character in an obscure series of books based on a non-obscure computer game named Ti’ana. I think it was supposed to mean storyteller in that language. She was one of the only ‘humans’ (or more correctly earthlings.. since the others were not exactly non-human) in the series.

  • Ooh that’s interesting. What computer game?

    Thanks for the heads up re the corset! I’ll go find a link. <3

  • SerenaBlondie

    how on earth to u d/l anything from leamonleaf lol i cant seem to figure it out at all (I’ve even used google translater). I have 2 of the dresses from the simcave but not the everyday dress.

  • Tommerton

    Hi Lady, always nice works. Did the same with the fan, but i opened the box, so my Pc is looking a bit bizarre, a Neanderthaler PC. Lol.
    @SerenaBlondie: scroll down the page and find 2 boxes, pink and yellow, click, that brings you to the download page, in the top right of the page you’ll find the option to translate it in english.

  • OMG serena you need to work it out! Lemon has the BESTEST lipstick ever invented in the history of lipsticks. Well, I like em anyway. :D

    I use google translate plugin for chrome, it makes it so I can click a button to auto translate each page as I open them. If you use the google translate website when you click on a link the next page is back to chinese and it’s impossible to copy the link to translate it because it has all that google jargon in it.
    I think the everyday dress link is under the sexy dress at the bottom. I’m pretty sure they are packaged together? The link under “package:” the left set of chinese writings.

    Zomg I just realised Tommerton answered this already and in much less words. :D

  • Lol tommerton that’s what I did, opened up the box and aimed the fan in there. It looks weird but it’s working so yay! :D

  • Eliza

    The game was Myst. =P ‘The book of Ti’Ana’ is the prequel to the prequel to Myst. xD

  • Oh god I loved Myst. I don’t remember the book of ti’ana though, it was way too long ago :D

  • SerenaBlondie

    Thank you Tommerton and LadyFrontbum I can be so dumb sometimes :D . Yes i do like those lipsticks so I’m off to d/l them yay.

  • Lynne

    Beautiful as usual. Thank you so much. I must join SerenaBlondie though as I also cannot download the formal and everyday dresses. I clicked on the yellow sims3pack as the pink and blue links don’t give you an option to download the dresses only something called vdisk (I have been on that site now for 4 hours trying to figure it out, even registered there). The yellow link gave me a download but it is not either of the two dresses that you used – it is Dress 3 which is the dress right at the top of the page (1st four photos). I then went to Simscave and downloaded there as they had the picture of the formal dress and a download but when I opened the zip it was the same dress that I had downloaded at lemonleaf. Really don’t know what to do now.

    I also use a translator so I don’t have any problem reading the page.

    Please help if you can as I am really starting to feel quite dumb now.

    Thanks so much.

  • Lynne

    Hi, thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately still no luck with the two that I mentioned in my previous post. Is it possible for me to send you 3 pics of the links that you gave me in your post so that you can get an idea of what is happening and if so where do I upload them. I am wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

    Thanks for your help and sorry for being such a pain in the butt.

  • Eliza

    Almost no one who knows about Myst knows about the associated book series, so don’t feel bad. xD

  • Lynne: I will email you on the gmail you listed here. :)

    Eliza: Are they good books? I might check them out if they are. I played myst so long ago, I loved it so much, got totally immersed in the game but I remember being a bit confused about what the hell was going on. :D

  • Eliza

    I liked them. My sister tried to read them as well, but she didn’t like them (and had never played the game) and they read a lot like Jules Verne. Lots of technical explanations.

  • I’ll have to try and find them and see if they look interesting. Cheers Eliza :)

  • Oh hey Lynne. On the vdisk site, hit the link that has 50K/s in it. See if that gets you the dresses, otherwise use the link I emailed you. :)

  • Lynne

    Hi Lady, thanks so much for the mediafire link (dloading now). Have sent you an email.


  • Could you sent that email with the mediafire link. as wel? Thanks. Lady, what is your email address so, I can put it in my address book so, that your email will not come as spam

  • Sure cori. My email is ladyfrontbum at gmail dot com.

  • Ok, I got it!!!:) Now, you can send it. LOL :P

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