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WIP A Pretty Lady with a Small Nose & Mankini!

Well yahoo for my awesome pedestal fan skills. I was able to play around with a sim tonight without my computer crapping out on me!

I just have the beginnings of a pretty woman. Not sure how she will end up. I need to get the colour of the noseshaper right, at the moment I can still see it in-game. Boo.

Sorry if you have asked me if I can try making something lately. I haven’t been able to do much at all because of the overheating thing so I have a back-log of stuff I want to try and some suggestions you guys have made. I’ll get around to them eventually.

I really really, really need to finish my vamp diaries sims. Argh. My daughter is going to childcare once a week now so at least I have one day a week when, after I’ve cleaned the eff out of the house, I can try and finish some sims off. I wanna get them done so I can clear out my pre-made sims folder hehe.

Anyway, god I waffle. Here is the lady I played around with tonight. ;)


Those contacts look rather cross-eyed from far away.

Usually I would go for a bigger nose but people have been commenting about how my sims always look alike so I decided to do a totally different nose and jawline on this lady. I just whipped her up quickly so she may change quite a bit before she is done. Or I will do as I have for all the other sims in my simbin and never get around to publishing her ;)



Guess what I am working on? That’s right, a mankini. Lmao.


Now I am off to bed to dream of the supernatural boys wearing golden mankini’s.

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