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WIP Smudged Mascara

Would anyone be interested in this runny mascara for their sims?


I used ~steamed-pepsi-stock’s brushes on deviant art.

4 comments to WIP Smudged Mascara

  • Jen

    Looks cool to me! I can see it coming in handy for a story or something.

    I stopped by because I saw a comment on MS3B you made a while back re:Lemon Leaf’s school uniforms, and you said something about making Battle Royale sims, and my head exploded with glee. XD I love Battle Royale! I’ve made about four Sims for my game, a Shinji, Takako, Shuuya and Kawada, and I’m tempted to go and make the entire class just to play out an entire save file :)

  • Hahah cool! Do you have photos of them? I’d love to make them eventually, it’d be a huge undertaking though haha.

  • Jen

    If by photos you mean pictures of the cast from the movie, I could probably scrounge some up somewhere. The manga is really the best depiction of Battle Royale (book, manga, movie in that order) since they all had individual characteristics and unique facial features, but it’s so hard to make real-looking people out of manga pictures XD

  • Hehe I meant photos of the sims you have made :D
    Tell me about it though, manga characters are a pain to turn into sims. You’d think it would be easier than real people but no.

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