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Eyeshadow Template for Photoshop

Hey guys! Since I can’t use my game for more than a minute at a time I figured I would play about with that eye template I was trying to make a few days ago. The first time I tried I failed miserably because my puny brain couldn’t wrap itself around the way the blasted eyes look on the face overlay compared to the 3d model in CTU.

This time I had a bit more success. Yay for me.

This is really for people who can’t get the original file from their game. I believe it’s in fullbuild0 package file. It’s got all the teeth and eyeball images on it. The one I’ve made is almost identical in the eye placement. You can export the original file using s3pe. For those of you who can’t do that, you can use the image below. :)

The first one I made is a tilted facial overlay with a custom left eye. It’s blacked out because it fits with the hollow of the eyeball – not 100% perfectly but enough to help me when making eyeshadow quite a lot. I find that I always stuff up the shape of my eyeshadow when I use the eye shape that comes in the game. I had to make it using the costume makeup overlay because I can’t export the coloured one for some reason.


Click on each of the gallery thumbnails for a brief tutorial on how to use the eyeshadow.

Basically you just open the file in photoshop, tilt your head a bit, then edit the left eye in the alpha channel remembering to edit the background layer only and to keep the facial layer visible so you can use it as a guide.  Once you are happy with how your left eye alpha looks you can add a new guide that is 50% vertical, make sure snap to document boundaries and guides is turned on. Then select the left half of the alpha channel, copy it and paste it. Don’t deselect it until you have flipped it horizontally and moved it to the right hand side of the alpha channel. Each step should snap nicely into place if you have snap to turned on properly.
The last step is to just go back to the layers and make sure the text and facial layers are invisible. You only want your background layer visible. It will either be a white screen or it will be a pink/white screen depending on what channels you have left visible. Then just save the DDS file and check it out in CTU or Workshop.

Easy Peasy. I hope that helps some of you make some eyeshadow. You can use it as a template for editing the mask as well.

Note: I think the nose and mouth need to be tilted to the right a bit. Just ignore them for now or use them as a rough guide only. This is really only for the eyes.

DOWNLOAD: 4shared mediafire

The second is for if you prefer to work on both eyes at once, or don’t want to tilt your head ;P, I made an image file using the costume makeup overlay with the two visible that you can use as a guide when editing your channels. I blacked out the eye so the hollow is where I wanted it. You can grab it below. Just use it in the same way you use the above one. But remember those dots are the corners of the eyes. Keep it in mind whilst using this image because the eyes are slightly tilted instead of having to tilt your head.
This is the one that is pretty much identical to the coloured one that is in the build file. I’ve blacked out the eye slightly differently, I think the bottom lids have less sag, and i’ve kept the eye corner dots on because I find the other overlays to be a bit deceptive. Could just be me though.


Download: 4shared mediafire


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