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WIP: Playing with Eyeshadows

I was inspired recently by ZombieJill’s eyeshadows so I thought I would try making some colourful shadows that covered a lot of the face. I thought it would be easier than making regular eyeshadow but it’s not really. Lol.

These are in the early stages so they need a lot of work, sorry about the fact I only have one of them in-game, my game was running incredibly choppy. Possibly because I stupidly updated my game to the latest patch. Now all the hairs in my game have lost their custom thumbnails in CAS. Boo.

As you can see they are quite rough. I need to clean up the colours and blend them in a bit.

Edit: Oh I forgot to mention that I am thinking of making a template for eyeshadow. The facial overlays I’ve been using as a means to find the eye placement don’t work very well. I will try to map the eyes really precisely tonight by editing one of the makeup overlays. I’ll let you know how I go. If I make a decent one I will put it up for download.

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