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Hands up everyone…

… who has sim dreams?

*puts her hand up*

I’ve been having sim-creation dreams. Then I wake up in the morning and my hair looks like Peggy’s.

Still, it’s better than tetris dreams.

4 comments to Hands up everyone…

  • Rez Delnava

    At least your dreams involving the Sims3 game have actual sims in them… Mine are just the game code now. Anytime I lay down, I end up thinking up a new segment for my personal core mod. Eventually, I will finish the dang mod, then everyone can have much more options for making sims (new slider regions, body hair, and body freckle/moles/birthmarks is what I’m working on now); but I keep having random crashes–I kill one crash bug, and another sprouts up.

    These dreams make me long for the olden-days of videogame dreams… Ah pokemon, those were simpler times.

  • Oh god, coding dreams would annoy the crap outta me. Your mod sounds like a sim-makers wet dream Rez :D
    Is it possible to fix the nose issues I was talking about in an earlier post? IE make it so that you can edit the nose tip but also edit the septum underneath and then, again, the cupids bow… all separately?

    Haha pokemon. I used to have dreams of that Final Fantasy Legend game that was on Gameboy. Tetris was the killer for me, though. Tetris dreams totally BLEW.

  • I do, I have a dream where I’m actually a sim and something terrible happens like a family member dies or there’s a burglar or fire and I think, oh that’s all right, I’ll just exit without saving and everything will be fine! Sometimes I wish there was an exit without saving option in real life, haha.

  • Lmao. Yeah that would be cool. That reminds me of the times I’ve been going about my daily routine and have thought “edit, undo”. Then my brain does a double-take and thinks “did you just think ‘edit, undo’??” ehehe. Too much time on a computer… making mistakes apparently ;)

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