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CC Find of the Month: Nose Shaper

Nose Anatomy

Thanks to Freedom at MTS for bringing this to my attention!

I don’t know about you guys but I really hate the nose tips and nostrils in sims 3. The nose tip is half decent, I mean you can make the tip large and small, which is great. However, when you enlarge the tip of the nose it affects both the septum and the philtrum, which in turn affects the cupid’s bow, which in turn affects me… by making me shitty.

The nostrils are the bane of my existence. We can make them narrow or wide and we can make them short or tall (definition), which in turn makes the nose-tip shorter or taller. This is a pretty handy thing unless, of course, the celeb you’re making happens to have a tall big nose-tip but short well-defined nostrils. Dilemma.

Anyway this is not why they are the bane of my existence. They are the bane of my existence because they don’t flare in the right bloody direction. I mean what the HELL is that about? Last time I checked, 99.9% of the populations’ noses flared outward. Damn you. *shakes her fist*

Which brings me to my point… what was my point? *shuffles some papers about awkwardly* Oh. Yes!


The Nose Shaper by Man-V-

Before you get too excited, this won’t fix all the problems I listed above but it does make your sims noses look a whole lot nicer. I’m using it on my retooled Kelly Osborne so I will post some pictures later, or you can check out the wip pic I posted down a bit.

The only problem with the nose shaper is that it is in the blush section. This makes LadyFrontbum sad. But it’s a small thing really.

Oh if you try it out, I suggest that you take the colour slider all the way to the left to make it as light as you can and get rid of any excess shadowing. Oh and make it a little darker than your sims skin. So if you have a pink tone of skin, make the nose a shade or two darker pink, if you have brown toned skin then make it a shade or two darker brown etc. I find if I match the nose and skin perfectly in CAS then ingame the nose looks too pale.

Anyway, that is all for now. Tomorrow I will try and get Kelly Osbourne v2 up for you. I’m pretty happy with how she’s turned out. Just gotta find the perfect hair and clothes for her.


And, yes, I have spent way too much time thinking about sims noses.

8 comments to CC Find of the Month: Nose Shaper

  • Panda-face

    You know the nose shaper by man-v is only okay, but there is a really amazing nose-only face mask that comes with a miley cyrus sim at MTS. you should try it!!!! it brings the cutest and most realistic highlight to the nose :D

    if you knew about it nvm lol

    btw after i downloaded the sim i deleted her and kept the nose mask ;)

    annnnd your sims are made of win lmao!

  • Lol cheers, I’ll try it out! :)

  • Well Hell! At least I’m not the ONLY one spending an obscene amount of time dreading noses. (lol) Thanks so much for this post Lady. You have no IDEA how much it has helped me! ♥

  • Thanks for the info! Sims noses fill me with rage too. This will come in handy!

  • Hahah no worries, glad to be of service ;)

  • Wow Lady! I finally had a chance to view the man-v nose shaper in-game last night. The results are phenomenal. Seriously…I actually have my real nose on my me-s!m now. In my personal opinion, it out-weights the others I tried last night by far. Damn I wish someone could transfer this to the full make-up section. I never use that section, but my blush section has all of my bruises, scars and other effects I use a lot. PLEASE someone! Transfer|Convert, whatever! ♥♥♥

    again Lady, I would have NEVER found this without you. Thanks so much. *Bear Hugs*

  • Aw no worries! It’s pretty nifty hey. :D
    I might email him, if he has a contact section on his blog, and ask if he minds if someone else does it.

  • Coolbeans, I swear if this wish comes true, I’ll ♥ you for life!

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