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*stab* *stab* *stab*

Ok so I’m pretty much done with Kelly Osbourne v2. I’m just trying to make her tattoos. They are fine if I make them the regular way but I was hoping I could do an overlay type thing for the more intricate tattoos since I only have 3 colours to play with. Unfortunately I have no idea how to. I thought that you just made a dds file for the overlay field with the tattoo images on it and voila… but apparently I was mistaken. It looks great in CTU but then in cas the normal tatts work but the overlay ones are just white. I’m so clueless. Boo.

I might just have to go with her feet tatts, wing tatts and the anchor. Maybe the keyboard too and just omit the colour on it.


Oh well, at least she is done! I doubt I will be able to upload her tonight. Takes me ages to get all the screenies organised. You will probably see her tomorrow :)

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