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Wtf. srsly. I’ve spent all day trying to get these fkn things to match with body/scalp/face. FKN

Edit: HP just told me to put some dots at the edge of the textures so I can tell. WTF BRAIN WHY DIDN’T YOU THINK OF THAT YOU STUPID FKN USELESS PIECE OF OFFAL.

My face, my beautiful faaaace...

What do you think? Do you like this nose better or the one I posted previously?


some noses

Work in Progress - New Face Skin

Ok guys, here is a couple of screenies of the face so far. Let me know what you think!

Changes from my original;

Removed shading around the ball of the nose tip to get rid of the button-nose look
Made the lid section of the under eyelid slimmer so when the eyes are large it’s less pronounced
Removed a bit of the under-eye shading
Highlighted the entire length of the nose and shaded it a little differently
Removed the shading where the nasolabial crease would be
Lessened the amount of cheek shading
Muted the eye socket shading and highlighting
Made the inner-eye corner less pronounced
Softened the lip texture

Example 1.

Example 2.

So, there you have it, let me know your thoughts!


P.S. I’ve already added a little more lower lip highlighting to the texture and will fix the shadowing at the outer edge of the nostril sides tomorrow :)