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Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene)

Here is my Alice Cullen from Twilight.

Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Trim
Weight: Normal
Traits: Friendly, Family-Oriented, Party Animal, Excitable, Easily Impressed

Alice Cullen / Ashley Greene

Alice Cullen / Ashley Greene

Download: 4shared

Skin by Peggyzone
Hair by Peggyzone (Donation ID #000097)
Replacement Multifoiled Eyes by aikea guinea at MTS
Liquid Lipstick and 2 Colour Smokey Eyes by Frozen and Iced
Pump Shoes by simseviyo
Basic Long Nails by NJSim
Formal dress by Lorandia
Sleep and Swimwear by Liana

Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone)

Here is Jasper from Twilight.

Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Fitness: Fit
Weight: Normal
Traits: Loner, Family-Oriented, Bookworm, Perfectionist, Athletic

Jasper Hale / Jackson Rathbone

Jasper Hale / Jackson Rathbone

Download: 4shared

Thanks to Peggyzone for the skins and hair (donation ID #000096)
Frozen & Iced for the eyeshadow
EsmeraldaF at MTS for the trenchcoat seen in formal shots

I recommend you aikea guinea’s fangs from Club Crimsyn.

Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) v2

Here’s my second try at Taylor Lautner. I hope you like him.

Taylor Lautner / Jacob Black

Taylor Lautner / Jacob Black

Download: 4shared

The trenchcoat and hair seen in the photos is by EsmeraldaF at MTS