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I have uploaded all the downloads from my mediafire account to dropbox. Let me know if any are missing, I know they did nuke some thanks to some douchebag reporting them…



Dear person...

… who is reporting my uploaded files. Quit it. You are annoying the fuck outta me.

Also hai everybody.

Thanks for all the kind words and sorry I haven’t been able to answer any questions. Hopefully someone else knows the answers. I’ve been out of the simworld for so long I feel totally clueless.


Connie Ning by daluved1

When I saw LFB’s awesome Asian faces skins I *had* to make an Asian sim!

Connie is obviously Asian inspired, however I’m not sure what nationality she’s supposed to be. And, to save me the “she looks nothing like {insert nationality here}, omg you’re so stereotypical/racist” posts, I’m not specifying a nationality.

Connie doesn’t have any background story, she’s just a model of mine that I thought I’d share.

She comes with a custom lipstick, made by me. I originally was going to upload the lipstick as a separate creation but it didn’t come out like I wanted. However, it did look good on her so I kept it. Please refrain from reuploading/redistributing/stealing my lipstick without my permission. It’s not even all that awesome anyways. :)

Because Connie has tattoos applied via the new tattoo category, you will need the Base Game patch 1.12.xxxx.


Sliders/Hacks Used:
-Some sort of slider hack. I use the slider hack that’s part of AD85′s “coremod” set found here.
-Jonha’s Sliders
-Delphy’s Breast Sliders
-Facial Sliders by Ahmad (bella3lek4)
-Arm Sliders by pcfreak147
-Chin-to-Neck Slider by Heriet

**Connie’s face and body were altered extensively with custom sliders, without these sliders installed, the sim will *snap* out of shape whenever you try to alter her.

-Naughty & Nice Skin (Default) by LadyFrontBum
-Asian Faces (Non-Default/Faces Only) by LadyFrontBum

-Bright and Smokey Eyeshadow by emmzx
-Cheeky v1 Blush by LadyFrontBum
-Lipstick by Me (Included)
-T Eyes (Contacts) by Subaxi

-Hair by Anubis360
-Summer Flowers Set by Lemon Leaf
-Bangles #7 by Liana Sims
-Sateen Cropped Pants by All-About Style
-Longer Nails for the Ladies by Me

-Hair by XM Sims
-Cropped Tank Tee by Lili Sims

-Hair by XM Sims
-Summer Flowers Set by Lemon Leaf
-Swimsuit by Rusty Nail

-Hair by XM Sims
-Summer Flowers Set by Lemon Leaf
-Dress (Donation, sorry) by Liana Sims
-Leggings by Lili Sims

-Hair by Anubis360


-Geisha Tattoo Set by Me
-Japanese Sin Tattoo by Me (Included)
-Star Tattoos by JoniBlair