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Tutorial: Installing My Skins

Some people have been having trouble installing my skins so I thought I would make this quick guide on how to install them.

This assumes you have installed the framework needed in order to use .package files. You can find Delphy’s framework installer tool here.

Default Skins:

  • Download the default skins you want (either the naughty ones or the nice ones)
  • If they are .rar files you need to extract them using winrar or something similar. Once extracted you will have files that are .package files. Extract them somewhere you will be able to find them, such as the desktop. If the files are already in .package format then you don’t need to do anything to them as they are ready for use.
  • Put the skin .package files into your packages directory. For the basegame and older patches this is the Program Files > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 > Mods > Packages directory. If you have installed helper monkey you just have to double click on them and they will be put in the correct directory. For later patches (after 1.12) and ambitions the packages directory is now located in My Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 > Mods > Packages. Your resource file should also be put into the Mod directory if you are using this method.
  • Go to your My Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 3 folder and delete the simCompositorCache.package* file, don’t worry – once you run the game it will ‘respawn’ .
  • Run the game. Your new default skins should be working in CAS.

Non-Default Skins:

  • Install Rez Delnava’s UI Mod – this will allow you to use non-default skins.
  • Download my non-default skins.
  • Follow step 2 above in the default skin section.
  • Follow step 3 above in the default skin section.
  • Load up the game and your non-defaults should be working. If they aren’t, delete the cache file as I explained above in step 4.

I think that’s everything. If I’ve forgotten something let me know.

Just remember the highlander rule when dealing with default skins – there can be only one. So if you decide you want to use mine but have been using someone elses then you need to remove those ones before you use mine. To do that you just have to remove their package files from your mods>packages directory before running the game with mine in there.

You can use a combination of default skins. You can use my faces and someone else’s bodies. However keep in mind the skintones may not blend properly and you might end up with an obvious line at the neck.

You can have as many non-default skins installed as you want.


* If you are worried about deleting the cache file, don’t be. I’ve deleted mine about fifty gazillion times. It’s just a file that stores information to do with your sims, such as the default skin they are wearing etc. It saves the game having to gather all that info every single time you load it up. When you delete it you are just forcing the game to go have a look and see what skins you are using.

So you can understand now that if you don’t delete the cache file your game will just boot up thinking you are using your old default skins and load them up in cas instead of your new ones. Which will suck, because it means you will have to shut the game down and go delete the cache file ;)

Once the file is deleted and the game is booted, if you watch the file folder, you can see that the simcompositorcache file comes right back again.

Tutorial: My Photo Studio

This is how I take my photos in-game.

I went into Edit Town and edited one of the smaller, cheap lots.


I made it a small rectangular house with a door and no windows.
I made the floors plain white and the walls plain white.
I covered the ceiling in the square fluoro lights.


I added a dresser and a large mirror for changing clothes and posing.


Then I just take my sim to the back wall in between the dresser and mirror, pause the game, get my camera positioning correct then tell them to walk halfway down the house (if they are female).  Then I unpause and repause when they are in a well lit position and a nice walking pose and I take my photos.

If they are male, I take them to the back wall. Pause. Tell them to walk a couple of inches ahead. Unpause then pause quickly for a neutral shot or wait until they stop walking and pause to take photos. You can probably download a mod to stop that incessant smiling whilst they walk, but I don’t have one.

Hope that helps!


UPDATE: Nowadays I also put a couple of the tall floorlamps with the lightshade shaped like this \/ in front of the sim once she’s in position. (front left and right)

Then I turn the lighting to bright and white.