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Ladybug ~ Toddler Skins

Hey guys I finished my toddler skins today. I decided to call them Ladybug because of their rosy cheeks *exaggerated wink at Davey*.


Here’s what I did with the face:

  • Made the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead top rosy
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears.

I’m especially happy with what I did with the hands and feet:


  • Both hands and feet were given nails
  • Hands were given rosy knuckles and knuckle detailing
  • Hands were given dimples just behind the top knuckles
  • Both hands and feet were highlighted
  • Body was highlighted and made rosy
  • New nipples
  • New bellybutton
  • Bottom was highlighted and made rosy

I hope you like them, you can find more examples in the gallery up there. <3



mediafire /  4shared


mediafire /  4shared

Skin Installation Guide


Hair by Anubis
Multifoiled Replacement Eyes by aikea guinea
Long hair by ?

Busty St. Claire - Skins

Busty St. Claire

Well here they are. I have given them more cleavage, as requested, and also a rounder bottom. I also made the pubic hair lighter so that they can work well with dark haired and light haired sims.

I’ve made Non-Defaults in all the flesh tones. I will make them with Missy Harries skintones when I get a moment. I’ve also made Default Bodies. If you want to use these bodies then you can either grab my default faces (Naughty & Nice Skins) or use another default face that matches up well. It’s up to you.

I give you, Busty St. Claire:



Non-Default Nice

Non-Default Naughty

Default Nice Bodies

Default Naughty Bodies

If you are using the default bodies, grab the faces here

For uncensored photo check here

How to install skins

Thanks to CmarNYC for his skininator

Note: I stupidly forgot to rename the package files before uploading so just remember they are called “LadyFrontbum_Cleavage” for future reference. Or rename them if you want.

Transgender Busty St Claire
This was a request. These are just body textures that will work on male sims but I think you need certain neck fixes n stuff to use them.
I’ve removed the old files because they conflicted with my other skin files. The new ones are HERE. Let me know if they don’t work.

Busty with Larger Areola & Pubic Hair from Original Skin / Males with darker Snail Trail & Pubic Hair
These were a request. You can grab them here.

Taste the Rainbow - Skintones

These are non-defaults. I’ve packaged my female skins with missy harries fantasy skintones. Thanks for giving me permission to do this, missy!




Olive & Umber
Naughty –  Nice

Coral & Dusk
Naughty –  Nice

Amethyst & Blue Slate
Naughty –  Nice


Installation Guide

Check out missy harries stuff here

The hair on my model is Shymoo #4 retextured by Jordy. You can find it here or the original at Shymoo’s site