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Vampire Bite Marks!

Zomg you got bit by Edwardz.

Ok, maybe not.

I tried to make some vampire bites for your game. It’s my first try so be nice please ;)





Ok so I’ve made them in a few slots so you can decide where you want them. They are available under Socks, Gloves and Costume Makeup.

Female Download: 4shared mediafire
Male Download: 4shared mediafire

Oh I tried to guess a colour that would look decent when I made the files but you will probably need to recolour them to a good dark reddish/brown.

Navel Piercing - Now a Male Version

Hey guys, I managed to get a little while on the pc today so I figured I would make the navel piercing male version as it was requested by a few people.


Download: 4shared mediafire

It’s basically the same as the female version, you can find it under the sock accessory slot. I suggest recolouring it to a light grey shade for best results but other shades will work too :)

Navel Piercing

This is my first bellybutton piercing so be kind ;)

It’s for females teen to elder (just in case your sim is a funky grandma)

It works on all sizes but stretches a little on bigger sims.

I put it in the sock category so it’s a little annoying when recolouring but I didn’t want to take up another jewellery slot.


Download: 4shared mediafire

I forgot to get photos of it recoloured, sorry about that. I will do it tomorrow if I get a chance but don’t hold your breath, I have family visiting for a week so I may not be online much. :)