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Sheer Lace-up Bodysuits

I’ve just fixed the file because I accidentally forgot to delete a little dot that was on the alpha of a couple of the bodysuit textures. I’m not sure if it would show up in game but I fixed it anyway. If you aren’t having any issues, don’t worry, otherwise you can get the revised file below.

Here are the sheer bodysuits I have been working on. They are quite sheer so avert your eyes if you don’t like seeing nipples and other bits and pieces. ;)

They come in four patterns, Plain, Floral, Herringbone and Embossed Gauze. The straps are recolourable on all of them and the flowers are recolourable on the floral pattern.

I’ve made them available for Young Adult, Adult and Elder, Athletic, Nightwear and Swimwear.


Download: 4shared mediafire

I might redo these one day when I find a nice lace texture to use (and figure out how to do it properly)

Huge thanks to daluved1 for explaining how to put the thumbnails along the one cas line!

Massive thanks to ObsidianDawn for her fab floral lace texture.

Mens Briefs

Just a quickie this time, I whipped these up because I wanted some skimpier mens briefs / swimming costumes. So, yeah, nothing flash, just smaller undies.

You can use them in athletic, swimwear or nightwear.


Download: 4shared mediafire

Models: Sam Winchester & Damon Salvatore (Damon isn’t published yet)
Skins: Peggyzone

Sheer & Non-Sheer Swimsuits

Hey guys I finished my sheer swimsuits. I hope you like them. They are pretty simple because I’m just learning all this crazy texturing stuff. Hopefully I can make some fancy ones later.

sheersuit   stripedsuit

The striped suit has 3 colourable palettes. The plain sheer suit has the one. Depending on what skins you are using you may or may not see nipple-age through the costume. I made them for young adult, adult and elder… lol. Also I made them swimwear and athletic wear just in case your sims feel like exercising  in a scantily clad outfit. ;)

Download: 4shared /  mediafire

I might make a non-rudey version of these later if you so desire. I’ll just cover up the nipples a bit. Let me know if you want me to anyway.

Download: 4shared / mediafire