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Metallic String Bikini

I was trying to make shinies today so I figured the easiest thing to practise on would be the bikini because it’s small. It ended up taking me all bloody day anyway lol.

I’ve just ‘metallicised’ the material and changed the shape of the bikini slightly.

There is a huge bum-crack when you use Peggy’s skins. I think it’s a little lower on the base skin and other skins.

They all have custom cas thumbnails for ease of use. I hope you like like them!!


Download: 4shared mediafire

The bottoms and tops are included in the one rar file.

Edit: Forgot to mention, I am working on some underwear, Dita Von Teese style. A million sims in the works too. If it’s cooler today I will try and finish one of them. Now it is bedtime! Night! <3

Corset Dress

Ok this is just something quick I made. I’m still practising with making clothes and still suck.

I just added the corset from the long dress to the short dress and made it a little shinier and stuff. It’s supposed to look like velvet.


Download: 4shared mediafire

I really need to get my butt into gear and finish my vampire diaries characters. I still have to finish Emmett as well. I’m also working on Vince Noir and a couple of other sims.

Lace-Up Bodysuits (Requested Non-Sheer Version)

Here are the non-sheer bodysuits you guys wanted.

Same as the others in all respects apart from the fact I pulled the bum up a bit (turns out it made less of a change than I realised lol) and they aren’t sheer… obviously :D

The only problem with these non-sheer ones is that you can see the bump map if you look closely on the material. Sorry, but I have no idea how to remove bumpmaps yet. :/


Download: 4shared mediafire

Thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the floral lace design.

Totally unrelated, but my game is starting to load really slowly again. Looks like I will have to cull a lot of my CC soon. *shudder*