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Baby got back.

Or not.

I just whipped this up in photoshop. If I make the back look something like this, will it be ok? Ima having a lot of trouble with this frigging back.


The shoulder blades look a bit odd but you get the idea.


Some faeces… I mean faces.

Here are a few faces for you made with my skin so far.

I’ve officially given up trying to work out that grey smear. Maybe it’s my graphics card. Here’s hoping.

More faeces

I like that asian sim I whipped up. Just sayin’.

That bottom one looks like he belongs in an Elvis Presley movie. I want to eat his hair.

Ok so I think I might just check out the lines on either side of the nostrils then it’s done.

The back is being worked on as we speak. I don’t have any updates though because, so far, every change I’ve tried looks like shit in game.


Just a quickie

Not much of an update, sorry.

My daughter was ill yesterday so I wasn’t able to work on my skins. I did get some photos with another head and the grey smears under the eyes seem less obvious so I guess it’s a sculpt thing? No idea.

Also, just ignore the pink under the right eye, I was testing a theory.


So… yeah I think the face skin is pretty much done. I just have to get onto the blasted back. I did a tiny bit of work on it earlier today but haven’t had a chance to boot up the game and check it out. Hopefully tomorrow I can play with it some more.

Hope you are all well.