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Bella3lek4's Facial Sliders

I’m just making a post for Ahmad’s facial sliders to give a little more info on them and so I don’t have to hotlink to the file when uploading to other sites. Also I think they deserve their own post, don’t you? :)

The information below was lifted straight from his thread on MTS, which can be found here (if it still exists)

(Shoulders height, Jaw line width, Chin width, Brow thickness, Neck height, Eye width, Lower jaw height) in [Head and ears / Global ]

Eyebrow Outer Corner Height , Eye stretch , Eye Length in  [Eyes / Global ]

Maximum and Minimum Values

[-0.1 .. 0.1 .. ]

Do they conflict with other slider mods?
No they don’t .. but if you have too many sliders in 1 section like head and ear section .. some of EA default sliders will get disabled .. Like Jaw sliders ..
this is not my fault . it’s something from the game ..
Unless you have a mod that increase the number of slots in game .. Like the awesomemod ..


Tested on all patches and World adventures .. they work great!

Important information

If you made a sim using these sliders . and then deleted the sliders .. All the things will back to 0 ( Sim will back to normal ) . so you have to make sure that NOT to delete these sliders after using them with creating a sim .. .

Download his sliders here: 4shared mediafire

If these links are both not working, you can also find his sliders at SIMply Celebrity Sims