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Burnt Flesh - Non Default Skin

Edit: Added all ages/genders full file.

Hey guys, I finished my burnt skins. They are non-default for male and female from teen to elder only (elder bodies will work but not the faces, it will just use whatever default face you have installed). I made custom sliders for them with all the flesh tones and a few bonus fantasy tones thrown in.

I mainly made these for stories and movies because I figured sims are getting burned in the game so often there should probably be a skin to represent it.

I think it works best on lighter tones, dark doesn’t look too bad I’m just not sure how realistic the dark tones look.

Because they are non-default you will need Rez Delnava’s UI Mod in order for them to work.


I’ve separated them into two files – the full skin, which includes bodies and faces. The other file is the bodies only so you can use whatever default heads you have installed. This is really for if you don’t want their face to have burns. I’m not sure how well my tones will match up with other faces but they should match up with my naughty and nice faces ok… hopefully.


Burnt Flesh Non-Default FULLmediafire / 4shared

Burnt Flesh Non-Default BODY ONLYmediafire /4shared

Burnt Flesh Non-Default FULL ALL SIMSmediafire / 4shared

I’m pretty sure you can only install one of these. When I tested them both together my ‘body only’ file overrided the full one for some reason.

These were compiled using Skininator by CmarNYC

Because they are teen to adult when your sim ages to elder the skin will just switch back to your default elder skin… at least I assume that’s what happens. Be pretty stupid if it wasn’t. Lol.


Naughty & Nice Male Skins (muscular version)

UPDATE 6th June 2010
Lol it was bound to happen. I effed up one of the files. I accidentally left out the dark file for the male default naughty skintone so if you downloaded the default full skins you will need to re-download them using the links below. The filename is the same so if you install the new one it will overwrite your old one. Sorry, I know, I blow. Anyway if you notice anything messed up with any of the other files, let me know! xox

Ok guys here is the first of my set of male skins, the muscular version.
I will be making hairy and non-muscular versions in the not-too-distant future.

They are for teens, young-adult, adult and elders. Don’t laugh at the elders or I’ll smack you down. They are in both light and dark tones and come in Default and Non-Default.

The Naughty skins come with pubic hair and are compatible with both Blooms (base1980′s) crammyboy penis accessory and DBCAB’s penis (I edited the texture by oykawoo, thank you!).

The Nice skins don’t have pubic hair and aren’t compatible with any anatomical meshes.

Anyway here they are:


  • De-saturated the tone slightly
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture and highlighting
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears
  • Added nipples
  • Added abdomen muscles (thanks to Kravenous for allowing me to edit a piece of his art to suit)
  • Added snail trail / treasure trail and pubic hair to Naughty (using NagelSeries 19 ps brushes)
  • Entire body was hand highlighted/shaded
  • Veins were hand drawn onto the arms and backs of hands and wrists
  • Edited the shoulder blades and highlighted/shaded the back
  • Rounded the bum
  • Cleaned up fingernails and toenails


If you want the entire skin then download one of these (Choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Male Naughty Skins – Mediafire / 4shared
Default Male Naughty Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
Non-Default Nice Male Skins –   Mediafire /  4shared
Default Nice Male Skins - Mediafire / 4shared
If you only want the body then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Naughty Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Nice Bodies –  Mediafire /  4shared
If you only want the face then choose one of these (choose between default & non-default and naughty & nice)
Default Male Faces – Mediafire /  4shared
Non-Default Male Faces –  Mediafire /  4shared
Let me know if there are any issues with the skin files. The files are now all rar files so you will have to unrar them before installing.

Don’t forget to delete any other default male skins you have installed before using these!
If you download only faces then your faces will be mine and your bodies will be whatever default body skin you are using.
If you download only bodies then your bodies will be mine but your faces will be whatever default face skin you are using.
(if you need help installing check out my installation guide)
Uncensored shots are here, here and here.

Jack & Jill ~ Child Skins

Finally they are done. I may end up revisiting these in the future because I’m not so sure about the faces. That said, I’ve been looking at them way too much so it could just be that.


I hope you like them, there are more comparison shots below and a couple of example kids.

  • Shaded the cheeks a little
  • Edited the eyes to give them a nice frame and inner eye corner
  • Lips were given texture and highlight
  • Nostrils were shaped and defined.
  • Highlighted the forehead, upper cheekbones, nose, chin, ears
  • Highlighted the body
  • Added nipples and a new bellybutton
  • Gave the hands knuckle detailing and fixed the fingernails
  • Detailed the toenails and toe area
  • Used the shading under the breast area from aikea’s skins, hope you don’t mind aikea! :)
  • Rounded the bottom a little, fixed the bum crack and added dimples




Hope you like them. Let me know if there are any issues, I have so many skins installed at the moment my brain hurts.