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DaVinci Dusk - Eyeshadow

Here’s another eyeshadow for you. I’ve been wanting to make more for ages and the beautiful eyeshadow emmzx recently released was good motivation to actually get off my arse and do it. I’m glad I did, I’d forgotten how fun it is to make eyeshadow.

This is named for my sexy friend DaveyDaVinci. He’s so hot right now.


It’s an evening eyeshadow, the kind you wear out for a night on the town. It has three channels.

Red - covers the entire eyelid area up to the eyebrow it also surrounds the lower lid
Green - extends over 3/4 of the upper lid and straight across the entirety of the lower lids
Blue – is a small accent at the outer corner of the eye which extends over a small portion of both lids.

Red works best as a pale or slightly desaturated colour
Green works best in a mid tone or even dark one
Blue works best as a dark tone or as black it can pass as smoky eyeliner

In the second image you can see how the eyeshadow looks when the main channel is the same colour as the skintone.

As usual it comes with a custom thumbnail for ease of use. I have also included it in the rar file in case you like to keep images as a reference for your content.


Mediafire / 4shared

I hope you like it.




Well here’s the costume makeup version! (body is under Socks – sorry I forgot to mention that!!)

This is for teen to elder and is unisex.
On males the stitches aren’t placed very well over the genital area. Instead of going through the joint of the groin they kinda go straight over the penis. Ouch.  The neck stitches are also a little low on males.  I was originally just making it for females but I figured eh, whatever. I’ll probably fix the male version when I get a chance later on.


Download: 4shared mediafire

Made using Obsidian Dawn’s photoshop brushes.

Large Animal Eyeshadows

Ok I was working on smaller ones of these but I prefer how the large ones look. I will try and make smaller ones again, hopefully this time I will be able to get the blending right. Until then, here are the large ones.

These are really funky, albeit a little weird, but I had fun making them.


They are under eyeshadow and are unisex, teen to elder.

I split them into two packs. Pack one is Cow, Cheetah & Panther. Pack 2 is Plain, Snake & Zebra.

Download Pack 1: 4shared mediafire
Download Pack 2: 4shared mediafire

These were made using brushes by the ever-talented ObsidianDawn